What is Superfluid?

High Level Protocol Concepts


Superfluid is a smart contract framework on EVM networks, enabling you to move assets on-chain following predefined rules called agreements. With a single on-chain transaction, the money will flow from your wallet to the receiver in real time! No further transactions required- it works like magic ✨
Superfluid enables:
💸 Real money streaming - Constant token flows on-chain with no capital lockups. Money steams will continue perpetually until cancellation or the senders balance runs out. Money streams can also have their stream rate updated at any time.
🎁 Rewards distributions - Fixed cost distribution in a single transaction for any number of receivers.
🔮 Anything you can imagine - Superfluid is very flexible!
Superfluid Components:
The current version of Superfluid is composed of the following key elements:
  • Super Agreement Framework: a set of approved super agreements contracts as building blocks.
  • Super App Framework: a development framework for building real-time finance apps.
  • Super Token Framework: an extended ERC-777 implementation with real-time finance capability, and a registry.
  • Batch Call & Meta Tx: for users (contracts or EOA) to interact with the system in batch on-chain, or off-chain through meta transactions.
  • Governance: an external contract for managing protocol parameters and contract upgrades.
  • Solvency Agents: an off-chain network of agents ensuring the solvency of the system. Read more​
NOTE: we recommend using the Superfluid Console and the Superfluid Dashboard as you interact with the protocol.