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Super Tokens

Super Tokens extend the ERC20 token standard with additional functionalities like Money Streaming or Distributions, formerly known as Super Agreements. There are two types of Super Tokens: wrapper and custom.


Super Tokens can perform all the functions of a traditional ERC20 token, plus additional value transfer methods enabled by Superfluid, such as money streaming.

Wrapper Super Tokens

Wrapper Super Tokens are existing tokens wrapped to gain Superfluid functionalities. Wrapping converts the underlying token into its Super Token version, while unwrapping reverses the process.

By wrapping the original token you obtain a SUPER TOKEN

For more informations, about the wrapping process, please refer to our Developers Section.

Pure Super Tokens

Pure Super Tokens are natively Superfluid-enabled without an underlying token. They offer inherent ERC20 functionalities plus Superfluid's Super Agreement capabilities.

A Pure Super Token has inherent superpowers such as Money Streaming and Distributions

Real-Time Balance

Super Tokens track an account's balance dynamically, factoring in both regular transfers and impacts from Money Streaming and Distributions.

  • Static Balance: The standard ERC20 balance affected by lump-sum transfers.
  • Real-Time Balances: The ongoing impact of each Super Agreement on an account's balance, which can be positive or negative.

The actual current balance is a sum of these components.

Current Balance Formula: Current Balance = Real-Time Balances + Static Balance

Example Calculation

  • Account A's Static Balance: 1,000 USDCx
  • Account A's Stream Out: -100 USDCx
  • Account A's Instant Distribution Receipts: +200 USDCx

Current Balance: 1000 - 100 + 200 = 1100 USDCx

About Super Tokens balanceOf()

If you are familiar with the ERC20 standard, you are certainly familiar with balanceOf(). A Super Token balanceOf() function reflects this dynamic balance, unlike a regular ERC20's static approach.