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Glossary of Terms

This glossary provides a comprehensive overview of terms and concepts within the Superfluid ecosystem.

General Conceptual Terms

Superfluid Ecosystem: The collective of users and Super Apps utilizing real-time finance through Superfluid.

Real-Time Finance: The movement of money on a second-by-second basis enabled by Superfluid's smart contract framework.

Super Tokens

Super Token: Tokens used in all Superfluid operations. Types include ERC20 Wrapper Tokens, Pure Super Tokens, and Native Asset Super Tokens. Detailed information is available in our Super Tokens section.

Wrap: The process of converting ERC20 tokens into wrapped super tokens. This involves transferring ERC20 assets into the wrapper contract and receiving an equivalent amount of super tokens.

Unwrap: Converting wrapped super tokens back into their underlying ERC20 assets. This involves burning super tokens and transferring the underlying asset to the user.

Real Time Balance: A dynamic calculation of an account's balance, considering both Superfluid agreement logic and static token balances.


Superfluid Agreement: Additional functionalities for Super Tokens provided by the Superfluid protocol. Examples include the Constant Flow Agreement and the Instant Distribution Agreement, with potential for more in the future.

Constant Flow Agreement (CFA): An agreement allowing perpetual, second-by-second movement of Super Tokens between addresses.

Instant Distribution Agreement (IDA): An agreement for mass dispersion of Super Tokens to multiple addresses based on distribution shares or "units" at a fixed gas cost.

Flow: A continuous money stream from one address to another. A sender can maintain only one flow to the same receiver per token.

Flow Rate: The amount of tokens sent in a stream, denominated in wei per second.

Net Flow Rate: The net amount of tokens sent or received per second by an account for a specific token.

ACL (Access Control List): A feature enabling varying levels of control to operators for creating, updating, or deleting streams on behalf of an account.

Index: A pool created using the Instant Distribution Agreement.

Publisher: The creator of an Index.

Units: Shares denoting an address’s share of an IDA index, interchangeable with "distribution shares".

Distribution: The action of sending tokens to addresses owning shares in an index, proportionate to the number of shares held.


Callback: A function that automatically executes when specific actions are taken. Super Apps use callbacks to respond to Superfluid-related actions.

User Data: Data that can be included with Superfluid function calls and utilized within Super App callbacks.

Batch Calls: A Super Token feature allowing multiple actions to be executed in a single transaction.

The Superfluid Host: The core of the protocol, processing function calls and facilitating protocol governance and Super App callbacks.

Resolver: A contract assisting in locating all protocol constituent contract addresses.

Sentinels & Solvency

Buffer: Tokens locked temporarily when a stream starts.

Liquidation: The process initiated by a sentinel when an account's balance reaches zero while streaming funds.

Sentinel: A node monitoring the Superfluid network and closing critical or insolvent streams. Anyone can run a sentinel node.

PIC (Patrician in Charge): The recipient of rewards for closing streams during the priority period when an account becomes critical.

TOGA (Transparent Ongoing Auction): An auction allowing individuals to become the PIC by staking a higher amount than the current PIC.

Stake: Funds locked in the TOGA contract by the PIC.

Top Up: Adding to a Super Token balance to prevent liquidation due to a zero balance.