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Distributions Explained


Distributions is a Superfluid primitive that allows scalable are one-to-many or many-to-many transfer of value, in the form of discreet transfers or Money Streaming. Superfluid's implementation of this concept allows for the creation of Pools with a designated pool admin who manages units for pool members. Members of these pools can receive funds either instantly or through continuous streaming, making this method highly efficient and scalable. We make the difference between two types of Distributions:

  • Instant Distribution: They allow one discreet transfer of Super Tokens to any number of receivers with a fixed gas cost.
  • Streaming Distribution: They allow for continuous distribution of funds to receivers through Money Streaming to a Pool.
About Pools

The same pool can be used to distribute any Super Token, be it for Instant or Streaming Distributions.

Instant Distributions allow one transaction to distribute to any number of receivers with a fixed gas cost.

Click on the Blue Circle to initiate an Instant Distribution

By creating a Distribution Pool, you can distribute any token instantly

How It Works

  1. Create a Pool: Deploying a pool contract creates a pool with a unique address.
  2. Assigning Proportions: The pool admin sets proportions by allocating units to pool members.
  3. Distributing Tokens: Pool members receive tokens based on their unit holdings.

Distributions are persistent, allowing multiple triggers with varying amounts. Units can be adjusted as needed.

Key Concepts

  • Pool: Channels for proportional token distribution.
  • Pool Admin: Decides of the most important parameters of the distribution, including units.
  • Pool Members: Receivers allocated units for distribution.

Visualization of unit distribution in a pool

Balancing Formula

Calculates the current balance of an account subscribed to one or more distribution Indices.

Balance calculation formula


Publishers can manage multiple Indices, and subscribers can be part of multiple Indices.

Pool Administration and Member Participation

Pool admins manage units and distributions, while members receive distributions based on their units.

Visualization of money streaming from an external source to a Pool and its members

Distribution Types

  • Instant Distribution: One-time proportional token allocation.
  • Streaming Distribution: Continuous flow of tokens over time.

Major Design Choices

  • Pool Administration: Admins have control over unit management and token distribution.
  • Member Participation: Members receive distributions proportionate to their units.
  • ERC20 Compatibility: The Pool interacts seamlessly with ERC20 standards.

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