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Security & Bug Bounties

Immunefi Bug Bounty Program

We have an Immunefi bug bounty program with a maximum bounty of $100,000.

This program is focused on the protocol's smart contracts and is focused on preventing:

  • Superfluid framework bugs
  • Bugs in CFA/IDA in general
    • Anything that would avoid streams from being closed
    • Anything that would result in the sum of all account balances drifting significantly from the total supply
  • Theft of tokens in third party wrapper contracts
  • Other unexpected behavior in any super token contracts

Learn more here:

For more details, please visit the Immunefi Bug Bounty Program page.

Audit Resources

Superfluid has been audited on multiple occasions, you can find these past audit reports here:

For the audit reports, check out the Superfluid GitHub repository.

General Security Tips For Superfluid Developers

  • We recommend what every good security expert would recommend: full test coverage, separation of concerns, and using automated tools like GitHub Actions or Trail of Bits' tools for fuzzing & static analysis
    • Guides like this one from Consensys can be helpful in understanding what to think about before deploying smart contracts to mainnet.
    • If you're looking for inspiration on setting up your own GitHub Actions pipelines, you can find a breakdown of Superfluid's own GitHub Actions setup here.
  • Beyond this, we recommend that you continue to think about security & potential for loss of funds in the front end and off-chain components of your project (if you have them).
    • For example, we highly recommend you adopt some of the same UX practices that we do in the Superfluid dashboard if you have a front end that allows people to create Superfluid streams.
    • I.e., we let the user know that letting their balance hit zero before they close their stream will lead to a liquidation.

Security Tips for Building Super Apps

  • Be careful that your application does not get jailed unexpectedly.
  • We have detailed information here regarding the jail system and how to avoid a jailed Super App, but one of the most common reasons for a jailed super app is an unexpected revert in either the beforeAgreementTerminated or afterAgreementTerminated callbacks.

Custom Super Tokens

  • In general, we advise sticking to the existing Super Token interfaces seen here unless you have a good reason not to.
  • If you want to deviate from this, we strongly encourage you to reach out to the Superfluid developer team in the #dev-support channel in our Discord.