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Vesting Scheduler

What’s the Vesting Scheduler?

The Vesting Scheduler is a sophisticated smart contract designed for setting up token vesting schedules. It's non-custodial and operates by moving tokens directly from your wallet or Safe to a specified recipient. The contract includes options for adding cliffs, after which it initiates a linear vesting process through a Superfluid stream, ensuring the recipient receives tokens directly in their wallet without any need for claiming.

While the integration of the Vesting Scheduler into the Superfluid Dashboard is forthcoming, it's already possible to interact directly with the contract alongside off-chain automations. Detailed instructions for setting up automated vesting can be found in the documentation.

Click here for a full guide on Setting Up Automated Vesting

Why Automate Vesting with Superfluid?

Automating vesting with Superfluid streamlines the process of setting up a linear vesting schedule, providing flexibility and security. With this system, you can:

  • Implement linear vesting schedules with customizable cliffs.
  • Specify both the cliff date/time and amount.
  • Determine your total vesting amount and its time frame.
  • Retain all tokens in your wallet or Safe until they're transferred to the recipient.


  1. Initial Setup: On January 1st, you aim to vest 400 AMZNx to Alice from February 1st to June 1st. The vesting schedule includes a cliff of 100 AMZNx on March 1st.

    Initial Vesting Setup

  2. Cliff Execution: On March 1st, the cliff amount of 100 AMZNx is transferred to Alice, and the linear vesting stream begins. No action is needed on February 1st due to the cliff.

    Cliff Execution

  3. Completion of Vesting: By June 1st, the vesting process is complete, and the stream to Alice is cancelled.

    Completion of Vesting

Setting Up Vesting Scheduling

The scheduler's integration with Superfluid streams adds an extra layer of convenience, eliminating the need for manual intervention once the schedule is set. This not only saves time but also ensures accuracy and reliability in the vesting process.

If you're interested in setting up automated vesting, you can find detailed instructions in the link below.

Click here for a full guide on Setting Up Automated Vesting