Example Projects

Example apps that show how Superfluid can be used

🟢 Official Examples

Fork-able apps from the main repo:

🌟 Rewards Distribution Token

👩‍⚖️ Continuous Auction
  • A continuous auction where users can enter by sending a stream to the contract. In principle, the highest bid is the winner of the auction.
🏦 Employment Based Loan
  • A contract which allows employees to borrow money against their salary via an undercollateralized or overcollateralized loan
🌊 Tradeable Cashflow
  • Mint an NFT that doubles as a super app which takes in cashflows and redirects them to the NFT's owner
📺 NFT Billboard
  • An iteration on the Tradeable Cashflow example that makes use of UserData to display content on a digital billboard. Made with Scaffold-Eth
💶 Streaming Options
  • Proof of concept which allows you to create a tradeable option NFT where premium is paid for over time via a stream
💵 Budget NFT
  • A DAO budgeting framework that makes use of NFTs which represent a portion of DAO cash flows. These NFTs are meant to be distributed to working groups or individuals within DAOs
🎲 FlowLottery
  • A game of chance built on Superfluid. Users join the game by sending a stream to our contract. All incoming streams are summed and the resulting reward stream is sent to the winner, until a new one is chosen.
🖥 SDK Redux UI Examples
  • Make use of our SDK Redux to build highly performant front end Dapps with Superfluid. There are many helpful UI components in these examples that make use of advanced front end technologies and our new sdks. You can find these examples here.
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💡 Ideas

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