SDK Overview
The SDK Core and SDK Redux
The SDK-Core is an application framework for interacting with the Superfluid Protocol without Solidity knowledge. You can find it in the NPM library here, and check out the complete README here. If you're interested in building high performance, production grade front end products on top of Superfluid, you should also consider using the SDK Redux, which serves as a wrapper around the SDK Core for applications which make use of Redux. You can find the SDK Redux on NPM here, and the complete README here.
NOTE: More documentation on the SDK Redux is coming soon.
You can find reference docs for both of our SDKs at the following two links:
The Superfluid SDK-Core is a wrapper library around @superfluid-finance/ethereum-contracts which allows web developers to interact with the Superfluid contracts. Under the hood, SDK-Core leverages TypeScript, ethers.js and The Graph and GraphQL.