ACL Features - SDK

Giving other accounts control over stream operations

Granting Permissions to Flow Operators

Using the new ACL features, you may grant other accounts the ability to create, update, and/or delete streams on your behalf. You can read more about these features, and how to implement them in solidity in this page:
You can also make use of the ACL features using the SDK Core. This page will provide sandbox examples for managing flow permissions & performing CRUD operations for streams on the front end.
NOTE: we recommend using the Superfluid Console and the Superfluid Dashboard as you go through these interactive tutorials. They'll help you view your streams in action.

Updating & Revoking Flow Permissions

If you'd like to grant full control over streams on a specific token to an operator, you can use the authorizeFlowOperatorWithFullControl function and pass in the flowOperator and superToken you're granting the authorization on. However, in this example we will show you how to grant specific permission levels using the updateFlowOperatorPermissions function.
To grant a flow rate allowance to an operator, you'll need to pass in the following to the updateFlowOperatorPermissions function:
operator - the address of the operator you're giving the allowance to
permissions - the permission type you're granting the operator. Note, you will pass in a number from 1-7 to represent the permission type. You can find more information on this here. This table will help you determine the permission type:
Permission Type
Parameter Value
Create or Update
Create or Delete
Delete or Update
Create, Update, or Delete
flowRateAllowance - the total allowance you're providing the operator.
superToken - the token on which the allowance is being provided
Updating flow permissions
To revoke permissions, you can use the revokeFlowOperatorWithFullControl function. To revoke permissions from the flow operator, you'll need to pass in the:
flowOperator - the operator with the flowAllowance
superToken - the token on which the permissions were granted
From here, creating, updating, and deleting streams will work in a quite straightforward way. You can find examples of each below.
NOTE: updating a flow with an increased flow rate or creating flows will decrement the operator's flow rate allowance, but updating a flow with a decreased flow rate or deleting a flow will not. You can find more information on how flow rate allowances work here.
Creating a flow as an operator
Updating a flow as an operator
Deleting a flow as an operator